How do I log into My Netgear R6080 Router?

You might be struggling to log into your Netgear R6080 router login page. Netgear has already come with some of the most robust WIFI routers and modems in the market. These routers are capable enough to allow you to access the high-speed internet network at home, office, institute, or organization with their capable features. 

For better internet connectivity, you should bring home the Netgear R6080 Router. All smart devices that you have inside your home will enjoy better internet connectivity. For this, you have to use the wireless WIFI network of this R6080 router.

Modify your Netgear local address

If you have recently got the latest Netgear Router, be happy. Or have you never replaced or modified the local address before? Then the default IP address of your device would be that of your Netgear router IP address. 

  • Or you can use as Netgear provided it while shipping. 
  • To make some necessary changes in your router settings, know the Netgear router login IP address. Only then you can connect to the configuration console of your router.
  • The IP address of your router is the default gateway address. 
  • The default gateway address of your router allows communication exclusively between all the connected devices which are working on different networks. 
  • The default gateway of your router directly works in the form of a URL. 
  • You have to navigate the web browser to the IP address.

How to get My Netgear Router Login Page for R6080?

  • The default login IP address of your router is usually or 
  • You can communicate to the router using this URL either by typing 
  • Or enter If it is not working, check the base sticker/label of your router. 
  • The sticker or the printed banner of your router has the default login information.
  • This information is the default username, SSID, and password. 
  • It helps you to access your Netgear Router login web interface page.

How do I update my Netgear R6080 Router?

With so many reliability and security features, Netgear R6080 gives you 1000 Mbps speed and does not leave you disconnected from the internet even for a minute. Whether you stream an HD video or gaming online, this router will still provide you downloading speed of up to 100 Mbps. 

Firmware update to Netgear R6080 Router

To give a better performance to its all manufactured WIFI devices, Netgear keeps releasing the latest firmware. It includes all the latest features. When you update the firmware of your Netgear device, it adds features. Netgear Firmware update also enhances security. Therefore, ensure new features has added up to your router. There are three methods to process Netgear router firmware updates. Here we will explain in detail all three processes of updating the firmware in your router. 

1. Firmware update via Netgear Nighthawk app

If you are using a mobile device to configure your Netgear router, you can download the Netgear Nighthawk app on it. Go to the play store or the app store of your mobile device and get the app. The moment you get the app, download and launch it. You can visit to download the app. To update the firmware using the Nighthawk app, follow the instructions as guided here. 

  1. Connect your mobile device in which you have installed the app to the WIFI network.
  2. Launch the downloaded Netgear Nighthawk app. Just make a tap on it. 
  3. The app will prompt you to introduce the username and password of your Netgear R6080 router.
  4. The username and password are on the printed label of your router. Or you can check the bottom of the router.
  5. Both username and password are case-sensitive. Use lower case to type these details.
  6. The Netgear manufacturer uses ADMIN and PASSWORD as the default login credential for most of its inventions. 
  7. Tap or click the option SIGN IN in your Netgear Nighthawk app. And the dashboard page will display on your mobile screen.
  8. Tap on to the image of your router. And go to the Router Setting page, scroll down and check for updates if available.
  9. If you see any latest version firmware available for your device, then tap the Update button.
  10. Never disturb the process until it gets completed. You have to sit patiently until the router finishes updating and then log in to your page again.

2. Netgear R6080 Router Firmware update- Manually

Go to the Netgear download center or visit to download the firmware. Make sure the firmware is the latest and applies to your R6080 router. Once you reach the home page of the Netgear download center, type NETGEAR r6080 in the search bar and look for the available update. If you see an update, click to download it on your device.

  1. Once downloaded, save this firmware file on your computer device. Save it on your desktop as it would help you to bring it back safely.
  2. The computer or the laptop used to download and save the firmware file launch a web browser.
  3. The browser needs to navigate through its URL bar. In case the URL is not working, use to get the router login page.
  4. Hit the enter button and type admin at the user name field. In the next column, write the password that is the password itself.
  5. Click next. And now, you are at the home page. It is also called the web interface page of your Netgear R6080 router.
  6. On the home page, you can see or check for pending/available updates for your device.
  7. Select the ‘advanced’ tab. And then ‘Administration. Later on, click the option ‘Router Update’ or ‘Firmware Update’.
  8. Hit browse or update options to start uploading the downloaded file. You need to select or drag the file and drop it here.
  9. Click open, and then upload to process Netgear router firmware update. As your firmware update finishes, the router will reboot automatically. 
  10. You can log in back to your router once the LED becomes stable. 

Enable Auto Firmware Update option in your Netgear R6080 Router

There is a feature in your NETGEAR wifi device it can update firmware automatically. You have to enable the auto-update firmware option on your device. It requires just a few simple steps to process using your computer or mobile. Log into your router either using the web address or the IP address

  1. On your login window, enter the default username and password.
  2. For default Netgear router login, use ADMIN & PASSWORD in the required field and tap enter.
  3. Now, you have reached the Basic home page of your R6080 router. 
  4. Then select ADVANCED, ADMINISTRATION, and then Router update features.
  5. Scroll down the firmware update section, and enable the auto firmware update option. 
  6. You can even tap the Enable Radio button, hit apply to SAVE the settings.

To perform the Netgear router login activity. A wireless setup is best. It is one of the most considered methods after the wired Ethernet Netgear nighthawk setup process. The benefits of using the Netgear Router login wireless setup process, you do not need another Ethernet cable connection. And it can be processed with your mobile device also. Do you not have an Ethernet wire? Don’t worry! You can log in to the web-based interface of your WIFI router via

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