How do I Use is an in-built web URL that takes the users directly to the login page of their Netgear Router. Router login is also required to get into the user interface or the administrator of the router. Netgear provides a configured IP address i.e. that will function the same way as web URL. Moreover, you can use the web URL to modify the username and password of the router.

You should access the web-based interface to change the Netgear Router admin password. To access the web interface of your Netgear router, log into the web page. Go to the homepage of your router and select the admin settings. After that click the change password option. Then you should enter a new password and save your settings.

Netgear router login guide to access the web interface

Most of the users want to change their password when they forget it. Some of the Netgear users simply want to replace the password. And that is why they change the username and password. You can also utilize this web domain to set up parental control, Guest mode, and other security settings.

  1. First of all, log into the user interface of the router using a web browser.
  2. On the address, the line enters the default gateway IP address. Like OR
  3. When you see a login window appears just after entering the default gateway, enter the credentials.
  4. Enter the default username and password for your Netgear Router which is admin and password.
  5. Then you need to visit the security setup section.
  6. Go through the menu bar on the homepage of the page.

How to change my NETGEAR Wi-Fi Password?

The default password and username of your NETGEAR Wi-Fi Network is mentioned under your Router’s hardware panel. However, that is just a collection of random alphabets and letters suitable for your router’s configuration. Although it is a strong password and no one can easily guess it still, when you connect to the network on another device then it gets hard to remember that passphrase. Therefore, it is better to change the password of your NETGEAR Wi-Fi Network as soon as you can.

To replace the NETGEAR Wi-Fi Password of your Router, follow these simple steps:

  1. Once you are logged in, click on the Wireless section to get the password change option.
  2. Enter your new Netgear router login password into the Password or the Network Key fields.
  3. Do not forget to tap on the Apply button.
  4. All the changes made by you will be saved and your password will actively work whenever you login back to your router’s interface.

Note: – After changing the admin password of your Netgear router, and tapping the save button all the connected devices will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi Network. Then, you have to enter the new and recently configured network password/key to connect back to the network.

How to use the Netgear router login password recovery feature?

If you see the default login credentials then by default it is ADMIN & PASSWORD. However, if someone has changed the default settings and enabled the “Password Recovery” feature. Then follow the instructions as follows;

  • Open up the Router login web interface at
  • As an alternative, you can use the IP gateway also.
  • The moment you see a prompt to authenticate the required details for the dialogue box, click “Cancel”.
  • You are now at the router login password recovery window. Here, you have to enter the serial number of your router.
  • You will find the serial number of your router on the given label of the router at the back.
  • As you click continue just after entering the router serial number, a page will appear.
  • This page will provide answers to the two security questions. These answers might be set by you previously.
  • After providing answers to the security questions, click the continue tab. Here your password will be recovered.

How do I access My NETGEAR Router Admin Page?

Logging into the wireless router admin page is an easy process. However, check that you are associated with the NETGEAR Router’s network. Once done, follow these steps to access your Netgear Router Admin Page.

  1. Launch a recently downloaded or the default Web Browser. Use a device like a mobile or computer to access the Internet.
  2. In the address field, type or
  3. You can also enter your router’s default IP address which is or
  4. Press Enter. And after that, type in the user name and password in the given fields.
  5. The default Routerlogin username is “admin”. Whereas the default Router login password is “password”.
  6. Both the login credentials such as username and password are case-sensitive details.
  7. Click on Log In. You will now be logged in to the Configuration Panel of your Netgear router.

Update your Netgear router firmware

After login into the admin configuration panel of your router follow these;

  • Go to the ADVANCED-> then the Administration >and then the Router Update.
  • On the firmware update assistant page, click YES if you see a firmware update.
  • Now, the page will automatically download. After some time, it will load the new software from the NETGEAR server.

Note: The entire process takes about 2 minutes only. Do not turn off the power or press the back button. Your router will reboot once automatically. It has now successfully updated.

The Netgear Nighthawk login process helps to access your Netgear router. It is incredibly important if you execute any task using the web portal. It also assists in controlling the security or its firmware update process. In case you are stuck at any point, contact our service executives. We are always available to serve you.


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