The amazing 3D action MMORPG mobile game “One state” is coming!
Play this 2022’s exciting roleplay with a big modern open world, cars & shooting mobile game now.

So what do you do? In these role-playing games, you can do anything you want without limitations. Save people’s lives as a medic. Own a business and protect it from other gangster or get rich at someone’s expense. Deliver goods in trucks, transport passengers as a taxi driver.

Become a gangster and take control of the mafia city! Or become a cop to eradicate crime while protecting the order in this real life simulator. Explore the roleplay multiplayer together with friends and other players in these entirely online games in real time.

Create your own gang, become the boss gangster and fight other players online in this open world! Make money, upgrade your racing car and shooter weapon, build up your reputation in this crime city.

Dive into an open world life simulator with extensive gaming capabilities. Realistic cars, great visuals and lots of enticing roles in this car parking multiplayer, driving truck, cops cars and taxi simulator. All this is in role-playing world.

This MMO role play includes a taxi simulator, city car driving, speed car racing, action and shooting. Interesting quests are waiting for you. Step in and enhance your criminal reputation, obtain shooter weapons, money, a racing car.

Co-op MMO role play with friends and new acquaintances. Full online mode with thousands of other players. Meet new friends and future enemies, talk in the voice chat.

Choose armor and a shooter gun that’ll suit your roleplay style. Choose any car, tune it and compete with other players online. Buy and sell, multiply your riches. Make money and use them to buy whatever you want: a new speed racing car, truck, clothes, weapons and much else.

Study the modern open world: a giant map with several cities and suburbs.
You yourself can choose which side you want to be on, maybe you want to establish order in the criminal city as one of the cops with shooting or become an influential businessman. Or you can become a taxi or truck driver. In this role play you can become whoever you want!

Interesting and dynamic action gameplay.
This role play will delight all fans of the real life games genre and the social lifestyle. Here you will find races in amazing sports cars, criminal gangs and cops on city streets, as well as murders, thefts, a detailed game world with various jobs. Get the best truck or speed supercars.

Stay tuned for One State MMORPG life simulator updates, we’re constantly improving this roleplay. A big thanks for your feedback, it helps us make this game of life even better than it is.

Patrol the criminal streets and protect order by preventing crime. Or just get into your safe truck and take it nice and easy as a trucker, driving it along the road and then parking it.

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