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At Getir, we know the value of time and save you time by delivering the products you want to your door with all our services.

With Getir, from snacks to drinks, we deliver the products you order, not the alternatives with GetirMore we deliver your big grocery shopping, with GetirFood, we deliver food from thousands of restaurants, with GetirWater, your water order, with GetirLocals, we deliver your orders from your favorite local shops to your door, with GetirBiTaksi, we hail cabs for you in minutes, and with GetirJobs we help you reach out to jobseekers and jobs postings in your neighborhood!

Live Order Tracking: After placing your order, you can track the arrival of the courier on the map and know how many minutes your products or food will be delivered.

Delivery Within Minutes: We are at your service with our numerous warehouses, vehicles, and motor couriers. We deliver your orders to your door within minutes according to the Getir service you ordered.

Download Getir if you haven’t yet, and meet our services now!

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